We have received endless compliments on the music you played! Thank you again for your beautiful music. 
-Heidi and Jim Read

The party was wonderful. The music SUBLIME!
-Evelyn Shephard

Your musical talent was beyond our expectations. After the wedding, many of our friends commented about your exceptional performance and great taste in musical selections. 
-Jennifer and Tom Michaels

Your music was exquisite. You added the icing on the cake to our daughter's BIG DAY. 
-Joanne Wolf

Thank you for being extremely professional in returning phone calls, offering suggestions, setting up the program, and attending to every detail. 
-Joe Verostic

Yesterday was perfect- thanks to the beautiful music by a most elegant lady! 
-Margaret Peyton

Your music was majestic- full-bodied, resonant - You have used God's gifts well and for so many, so generously. 
-Emily Reames

It was so good to see and hear you again at the Science Museum party. You seem to be the busiest harpist in town! We enjoyed your playing immensely - as always! 
-Eleanor Heinz

In 25 years, this was without a doubt, the BEST program we have ever had at Dunlora. There have been such glowing comments about your lovely performance. The beauty and warmth you brought to our stage, your lovely appearance, beautiful and exciting music, the warmth and charm you emanated in the introductions of your selections transported each of us to a world of beauty. 
-Dunlora Women's Club

The harp is definitely the instrument of choice for a romantic wedding. I just can't say enough wonderful things about you and your music. 
-Holly Martin

I was privileged to be at the home of Leslie Stack and Frank Rizzo last Friday evening to hear a presentation by two of your ensemble members... I was once again amazed and thrilled, not only by the virtuosity, but by the musical sensitivity of your young artists... They cheerfully accommodated my requests for Debussy and Satie... and I was delighted to hear Stadler's "No One Can Stop Me Now" again. 
-Jonathan Ford

Thank so much for the amazing job you did at my wedding. The day went by so fast I didn't have the chance to thank you and tell you how beautiful you looked, not to mention how beautiful the music was... Thank you for being such an amazing addition to my dream day. 
-Piper Edwards

Hard to believe it has been almost a week since Kelly's wedding. I finished up at school on Wednesday and now I am getting to a few items that I have been thinking about all week long. Your music is at the top of my list! Sitting in the front row of a beautiful outdoor setting with all of our friends and family present, it was a slice of heaven to hear the incredible sounds from the harps and violin. I was amazed that you had never practiced with the wedding party and yet your timing was perfect. I will never be able to thank you, Erin and Meghan enough for the beautiful music and keeping the procession rolling along seamlessly (there were a lot of girls before the bride). My only regret is that I didn't have a chance to talk to you and enjoy the music after the ceremony. I was talking to my brothers in the courtyard in between pics and I heard a little in the background but wish I could have sat outside and taken it all in. Please extend my gratitude to the girls. I hope our paths cross again one of these days. Take good care of yourself and finally thank you not only for your music but for your professional and delightful manner in the planning process! 
-Colleen Kennedy